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posted Oct 26, 2011 06:30:26 by Setsuna
Hello! :3

My name is Jessica, my tamer is Setsuna.

My fiance and I have been playing digimon since the pre-cbt. I stumbled across this guild in the DMO facebook forums, and it came to suit has perfectly. He's a big Salamon fan, and I simply looove Patamon. :P

We both wish to join up as soon as possible. So please, let me know if we can join. :D

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RoyKimiar said Oct 27, 2011 01:08:10
Why of course! Are you and you're fiance on the same acc? if not please tell me both of you're tamer names! You are both welcome to join! ^w^! (thanks for making a thread!)
Setsuna said Oct 27, 2011 01:56:25
Mines is Setsuna, his is Sly. <3
ZacharyMcDonald said Oct 27, 2011 04:24:43
Hope we can talk some more in the guild chat :)
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