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posted Oct 25, 2011 21:55:38 by RebeccaBell
hi im kind of a newbie i have been playing for a few weeks i am a lvl 14 tammer and my highes digimon is lvl26 i will be very active and helpfull as much as i can please add me to ur guild my user name is xBECKZx :) .
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RoyKimiar said Oct 25, 2011 23:04:30
Thanks for joining!
ZacharyMcDonald said Oct 27, 2011 03:41:34
Hello Rebecca :D

If you ever want some help about the game please talk to me or another guild member if you see us online or just send us an email / private message here on the forums. I promise to help, and if you even need some free items in-game I can sure do that too, to help out a new player and guild friend ;)
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