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Ahoy! }bD <-- izza pirate, arrr D8

posted Oct 20, 2011 21:34:47 by Matt
Hey all!

Tamago reporting in, my real name is Matt so feel free to use either... and yes, i love eggs! I live in Hawaii so i'll probably see those you on the west coast more often until they remove that lame time limit. X,x

You definetly wont catch me on FB since i've refused to use social networking sites after the lameness of MySpace and probably not too much on forums but, im happy to chat and hang in-game. I cant help but play fullscreen to get really into whatever im playing and, im way to lazy to consta alt-tab. XD

watch and be happy!
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RoyKimiar said Oct 21, 2011 23:36:46
Thanks for making a thread! (waiting for the others =.=')
ZacharyMcDonald said Oct 27, 2011 03:34:49
Best video about eggs EVAH!!! XD

I've already seen / talked to you in-game, so now we just gotta party up and actually grind a bit together :) Gotta represent the guild, y'know what I'm saying? :D
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