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Hi :^D

posted Oct 09, 2011 15:28:17 by TrentHernandez
well it's me Roy making the thread u told us too make yeah akward so my tamer name is Lok so yeah.
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RoyKimiar said Oct 09, 2011 23:55:32
"well its me Roy" it sounds like you're pretending to be me, XD but anyways thanks. i just need everyone to make a thread.
TrentHernandez said Oct 10, 2011 20:56:53
oh I didn't even notice I wrote that I meant it's me Lok.Roy I'm making the thread u told us.LOL I should read what I write
ZacharyMcDonald said Oct 27, 2011 03:31:43
A Roy impersonator? Oh humanity, I thought one was already too much =_=

Just kidding, lol xP

Lok, eh? Haven't seen you in-game yet, friend, but hopefully we can chat it up one day (or night) in the chat or party up for some grinding action :)
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