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Don't like the 3h system? LETS DUMP IT!!!

posted Sep 28, 2011 04:05:06 by RoyKimiar
Do you hate that retarded system too? like c'mooonnn... originally posted by joymax,
"Hello, this is Digimon Masters.
Greetings! Heroes of the Digital World,
Let’s face it! Life is not all about playing but we know that you love to play and time flies when you’re having fun inside the game, so in order to balance one’s player’s activity in game and the real world we have device a system.
This system Automatically Disconnects a player from the game server after 3 hours of continuous playing this is to allow players to have a break from the game and do other stuff like eat their meals and so on. Remaining time of 3hour auto disconnection will be initialized on 00:00 Joymax Standard Time which means you will have to wait after 3 hours game play until it will be reset on 00:00 Joymax Standard Time.
Our player’s health is important to us so before anything else our priority is to give our players an opportunity to enjoy both life in the in the real world and inside the Digital World."

Now, Now, Now, i think everyone know how to go and eat on they're own. hate the system? the cool down is 18 hours. WTF? but now that matt made a poll asking to trash or keep it, joymax took it into consideration. Vote to trash it now!

Joymax's reaction to this,
"As for the 3-hour disconnection system, please bear with us as we are doing some tests. If you really want it to be removed, your feedback does help. I know there was a poll posted here by someone wherein you can vote whether or not you'd like the 3-hour limit to be removed. I'm taking track of it and I'll make sure the developers hear about it and the results."

Looks like we will win ;)
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ZacharyMcDonald said Oct 27, 2011 03:05:10
Nope, still got a time limit...of sorts.

But at least they cared enough to address the issue :)
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