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Hello! :)

posted Aug 22, 2011 02:10:46 by RoyKimiar
I'm TamerRoy, The Guild Master :) I will help everyone and anyone with a helping hand!
One thing you should know about me is i am against bulying. but c'mon you have to have a sense of humor, Right? ;D Anyways i made this section for everyone to introduce themselves! *Please everyone is required to write an introduction :D*
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JefryMuliawan said Oct 05, 2011 05:43:56
Hi, I'm Xcuse, the newbiefool, tamer level 9 when I joined this guild. But Im proud to be in, and this site can be useful. Just suggestion, Roy, can you make a menu for the guides, so we can link to it easily. Thank you.
RoyKimiar said Oct 08, 2011 19:26:31
A menu? like a sidebar link to the forum's guide section?
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